Be Aitbaar Star Cast | Latest Hum TV Drama 2017 | Javed Sheikh | Saba Faisal

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Be Aitbaar is a Pakistani drama series that began airing on 11 July 2016 on Hum TV and ended on 7 December 2016. It is written by Malik Khuda Baksh and directed by Shah Hussain. It stars Saba Faisal, Javed Sheikh, Kanwar Arsalan and Behroze Sabzwari. The story begins with Uzma (Saba Faisal) visiting her cousin Jameel (Javed Sheikh) who is suffering from cancer. A flashback is shown revealing Uzma was raped in a train journey and becomes pregnant. Uzma’s wedding was arranged with Jameel but he rejects her after this incident. Uzma and her son Salman (Zaryan Hassan) are accepted by Abdul Qadir, and later gives birth to a daughter Mahzeb (Maryam Tinwari). Jameel also got married and has a daughter Kamla. Jameel apologises to Uzma and later dies. Kamla, now an orphan girl moves to Uzma’s house. Salman is attracted to Kamla at first sight.

Be Aitbaar Star Cast | Latest Hum TV Drama 2017 | Javed Sheikh | Saba Faisal

Javed Sheikh
Saba Faisal
Behroz Sabzwari
Sabahat Bukhari
Hashiam Butt
Birjees Farooqi
Sehrish Fatima
Marium Tinwari
Zaryan Hassan
Salman Faisal
Kanwar Arsalan

Writer: Malik Khuda Buksh
Director: Shah Hussain
Producer(s): Gold Bridge Media & MD Productions

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