Razia Sultan Star Cast With Wallpaper And TV

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Razia Sultan

Rohit Purohit
Behzaad Khan
Bhavana Chauhan
Sambhavana Seth
Ankit Arora
Seema Kapoor
Sooraj Thapar
Riya Deepsi
Anil Rastogi
Manish Khanna

Grand-daughter of Qutub-ud-din Aibak, and daughter of Shams-ud-din Illtumish, Razia was born a princess like many other nameless and countless girls born around her every day. But, there was a fire in her, which in the years to come would make her an extraordinary ruler and a fearsome warrior. Razia Sultan is the story of the first woman Sultan of India and the only woman to have successfully ruled and unified the Mamluks – a fierce and extremely vicious race of men for whom violence was second nature.

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