OST Dilli Walay Dularay Babu Lyrics ARY Digital

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OST Dilli Walay Dularay Babu Lyrics ARY Digital

Hay guys we are sharing the best drama of ARY Digital of 2017 OST Dilli Walay Dularay Babu Lyrics. In this post we also share the HD Wallpaper of actor and actress of this drama. Nowadays it’s difficult to find an ideal girl that fits perfect to your family’s requirements, specially girls who hold all kinds of old traditions – as now it’s all about being modern and trendy.

The story of Dularay Babu is all about trying to find his “the one,” he’s in search of a bride that can match his family’s legacy and traditions from Dilli. One fine day Dilli Walay Dularay Babu meets a lady that he falls for, she’s an ideal woman – who he believes will be a perfect wife.

Dularay Babu is just a single old fashioned, and a very simple man. All he wants is a someone that can make his life better, his phuppo is always there to help him out. What makes this show hilarious are all the humorous situations that take place when Dularay Babu constantly attempt to impress Sultana with his simplicity. However, Sultana hates men like Dulare Babu which makes it even harder for him to be with his one true love.

OST Dilli Walay Dularay Babu Lyrics ARY Digital

Writer: Saba Hasan
Director: M. Iftikhar Iffi

Watch Dilli Walay Dularay Babu Every Saturday at 7:00 pm only on ARY Digital. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.


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