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Aagan Mein Deewar

Story :
A tale of the power struggle of Pakistani politics, revolving around the fourth wife of a famous landlord, Mashal, who is trying to compete in the elections following the death of her husband. However in a change of fate, the landlord’s first wife returns with his only daughter, openly challenging Mashal and her right to represent the diseased landlord. Mashal is now compelled to fight the plots and schemes being spawned against her. 

Firdous Jamal
Arjumand Rahim
Shamil Khan
Farhana Maqsood
Rida Isfahani
Munir Nadia
Zahid Qureshi
Rabeka Agha

Directed By: Shahid Aziz
Produced By: Amir Rao

Every  Thursday – Friday  at 9:35 pm

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